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At the moment I am very much feeling my way with the blog writing things that may interest a wider audience or may not.
What I propose is a continuation of Constable research and maybe a look at some dutch painting along the way, There is a strong connection, I feel between Suffolk skies and Dutch skies both are sources of light and important focal points in paintings of Constables time and before.
I will continue to post images that I create because they are important to me .
I want to continue to expand my personal knowledge of other Artists and themes in art.
Of course as with any plan there will be changes
Further research of summer project for uni (2nd year) Westminster to Tower Bridge.
Further objectives :
Monet paintings(his London ones)
John Virtue
Kurt Jackson
(The colour will change once a link has been established at present no link here for artists named)

Interview planned for blog.
Review of exhibition at Pallant House gallery, Chichester

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These photo were taken near my home last Friday morning at abot 11.30. The clouds were building up nicely and there were obviously some heavy showers nearby. As part of my Constable research i wanted to take a closer look at some of the things he did with clouds.
it appears that he did variouse sky studies and he called them ‘skying’ as he wrote in on 23October 1821,he believed that
the sky was one of the m important points in a landscape painting and without it there would not be much of a painting as it was the source of light. Like his rainbows he seems to have become obsessed with the painting of sky and would very often do sketches os studies several time a day National Gallery of Australia
Source of Blog from “Constable Impressions of Land Sea and Sky” If there is trouble with the page , the exhibition of Constable was held in 2006

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Down by the Sea

Returning to one of my obsessions which is the coast. I never tire of doing a coastel scene and even though it might appear to be the same there are sutle differences. This one is on a card and I scanned it. It is still in its cellophane bag. People do like originale woks of art on card and I send them to people who I know will appreciate them.

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Chichester in The Rain

Here is one of my sketch like cards that I design. They are done with watersoluable crayons and a edding pen.
Chichester is one of my favourite haunts, the old market cross and the cathedral. The Pallant House Gallery is a excellent Gallery to visit.
greenandstone in North street is a brilliant art shop with friendly and helpfull staff.
The view on the card is my representation of the old market cross.

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More on Constable

A recent book I borrowed from the local library at Portsmouth is called “Essential Constable” published by Parragon Books in 2004 and the author is Mandi Gomez. I have not really read it as yet but it is very interesting. for instance on page 14 the author concludes that Constable’s Landscapes”had always been sentimental and personal”. Therefore I can justify what I was saying in yesterdays blog.
Constable was almost obsessed by the rainbow motif which appears in in numerouse sketches and drawings as well as major works such as in a paintings of Salisbury and Stonehenge[page 110).
Constable was very good with the use of his sketchbook studies and these could be considerd works of art as well as the finished painting.
At the moment this is just gathering information and playing around with thoughts.

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A thought or two about Constable

I thought I would have a no image day today and instead lay down on paper some musings on Constable.
Very often Constable is considerd a choclate box painter . He was very much a person who seemed attached to place. He needs to know someone who lived there or a least known a area for a long time. One example of this would be his connection with Salsibury.He knew the archdeacon, John Fisher and stayed regulary. Another example would be his own home county of Suffolk and the area around Dedham Mill. indeed it could be said that he fell in love with every twig and style,he knew the area so well it is as if it was in his very being.

He regarded the paintings he produced in emotional term and at one point talks of them as his children.

All the above are to be regarded as my own thoughts,ideas…….I may have read about them somewhere but at the moment I am trying to develope a certain style so please forgive any error that mayy have occured I shall be returning to Constable and other painters over the next few months.

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Following The Dream

This is a copy of the flyer for my show earlier this year. Had a interesting conversation this morning with a gallery owner who wanted to know “where my pictures come from”. Well they are based on places I have been, things I may have seen, imagination, where does art come from? Anyway he is going to have a think about it. I would say that my painting is impressionistic. It is to do with landscape and structure.
Does anyone have any ideas? Do my pictures speak to you?

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From a Swiss sketchbook

Here are some Swiss mountain Sketches from a holdiay in Switzerland a few years back. Mountains always inspire and I very often go through phases of painting mountains.
I was trying to get these pictures to come out the right way up whilst it could be done in my mac, it did not tranfer to here but as i wanted to blog something today……

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Down to the sea[a bit later]

Just a quick one to keep these daily postings going. This one is of the same larger one I showed the other day or was it yesterday? Anyway It is a interesting exercise to see how a painting has developed to take a photo of it. I notice that there appears to be a man in a tie walking up from the sea in this one, can you make him out?

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Down to the sea

Todays offering is part of a coastal theme that is one of my obseesions I manged to produce it on a 6ft by 4ft canvas. This picture was part of that but not the finale version.
If anyone out there knows(changing the subject) how can I show a link to another site? Say if I wanted to point people to the National Gallery in London so tje could click straight Hope its not too complicated!!! Thanks in anticiipation!

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